We at Cleanex Products and Services are committed to offering excellent cleaning services by the use of the right equipment and cleaning materials. Domestic and office cleaning e.g. deep cleaning of wash rooms and common areas.

1.Maintain an exquisite appealing look on your floors (insert photo of a good looking office with a drop menu “contact us for a quote now

2.We also make use of the right equipment and cleaning products for a professional service in your office, Gardens, swimming pools and compound leaving it with aesthetically appealing look.   Clean, Shine and Freshen Up.

  1. Professional office daily maintenance involving cleaning of the of office electronic gadget like computers windows and corridors.
  2. Washrooms deep cleaning and descaling, supply of air fresheners and other toiletries
  3. Carpet and seats shampooing and vacuuming and general upholstery.
  4. Supply of cleaning detergents and cleaning materials, Tissues and garbage collection.
  5. Supply and servicing of sanitary bins industrial and equipment cleaning.
  6. Pest control services, Get rid of those cockroaches, sugar ants, foragers, Rats and mice, bedbugs by fumigation and putting appropriate baits etc, Its time to call Cleanex products and services for a quote. Clean, Shine and Freshen Up!